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21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme Review

Doug Fitzgerald

Doug Fitzgerald

21 Day Fix EXTREME is Here! In October, I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Test Group. A small sample of us were given preview copies of the program along with the eating and container plan and asked to follow it to a "T" while recording our results. I can say that I was quite surprised at how I felt about the experience. I went in quite skeptical in thinking that I would be able to survive on a portion controlled nutrition plan let alone thrive in just 21 days. I am a BELIEVER! The program and the results are LEGIT.

Adam Carr

Adam Carr

So, what is this 21 Day Fix Extreme all about? 21 Day Fix Extreme is a new workout program that takes healthy living to a new level. 21 Day Fix Extreme includes high intensity 30-minute workouts for you to do each day featuring a variety of moves to keep your body guessing and going for more! This program also includes color coded containers with a food guide - so you do not have to count annoying calories or carbs, you just follow the guidelines according to the containers and you are all set! In this program, there is no SLACK! Clean eating ONLY - no treats or cheats. But it is only 21 Days - and it is EXTREME. With that discipline and hard work, you will see EXTREME results. No excuses. It's 21 days, and it's extreme. But if you want a lean six pack, cut arms, ripped shoulders, and toned legs....it's time to get serious.

Robert Hudgens

Robert Hudgens

That's me & those are my REAL results from this program. I would love to talk with you and get you started off on the right foot.

If you are interested in this program or in joining my 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Group, fill out the form below! My challenge group is created for men looking to get extreme results out of this workout. Again, there are no treats or cheats with this one -- and it's only 21 days, 30 min. a day. If you have any questions for me, fill out this form below OR email me: robert@monsterhomefitness.com.

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Why I Stopped Counting Calories...

We are back in the full swing of Fall. My days are filled with games and sport practices for my two boys, running my business, and taking care of day-to-day tasks. I know how hard it can be to eat healthy and find the time and motivation to stay active! So this time around, I have decided to make it easier by stopping the calorie counting and have turned to a much easier method. A method to help me stay healthy and push towards my fitness goals. Now, I use portion control with an easy breezy system including color-coded containers that tell me EXACTLY how much I can and and of what! Introducing, 21 Day Fix, the best of the best. 

With this program, you get DVDs filled with amazing 30 min. workouts for you to do everyday, an eating guide, and the best part - color coded containers! These containers are what stop the calorie counting and allow you to eat much more freely! You simply fill up your containers with great foods listed in the food guide (including wine, chocolate, and tortilla chips!) and you are good to go! 

My favorite part of this program is that it is fool-proof! You don't need to keep track of numbers, you just fill up your containers and get your 30 min. workout in and you are DONE! It can't get much easier than this - am I right?! :) Check out some amazing success photos below including myself and others on my team! 

Have questions or need some help getting started? Just click HERE and let's chat. 


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21 Day Fix

Hey there guys!


The awesome thing about working for Beachbody is that they are always coming out with new workout programs, each time they push the limits, and let's just say they have done it again with 21 Day Fix. With a new trainer, Autumn Calabrese, this program lasts for 21 days and then you are done. Each workout is only 30 minutes and includes a simple healthy clean eating program. This may look like a women's program, but don't be confused. Look below for some awesome results achieved by men and women! This program also includes containers to help you keep on track with portion control during meals and snacks. Watch the video below and see what the hype is about. Message me and I can let you know when the program is released and how to get the best support out there! 


Watch this quick video to find out more! 


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How to Have a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

The season has snuck up on us and it is THANKSGIVING week! Our kiddos are off of school and we are out the door to visit family. We cannot wait for Thursday where we get to gather around the table and have a nice meal with our closest family members. As this year comes to an end, we have so much to be thankful for! Our sweet kids, our community, and the business we get to be apart of!

As you meet with your friends and family here are some healthy tips to include into your holiday! 

thanksgiving sign.jpg

1. TURKEY TROT - Start the day with a family walk around the neighborhood! Depending on the ages of your kids and the size of your family - you can customize it for what works for you! Take a quick stroll around the park to look at the colorful trees or go for a mile run in the morning! Whatever works! Just start moving! 


3. NOT-SO-SWEET TOOTH - Try some of these amazing recipes this year! They utilize some healthy ingredients to alter your favorite treats just a bit! This is a great way to sneak in some healthy aspects to the dinner and your family won't even notice! Our favorite recipe is the mashed cauliflower - so yummy and a great replacement for some of those carbs! 




2. STIR & SQUAT - Try and stay active in between cooking times. Thanksgiving Day whole day is filled with precise coordination when putting potatoes in the oven and stirring green beans, but in the spare seconds - get active! Do some squats in the kitchen, run outside and throw the football with your kids, or hop on the treadmill even! Throw on some fun music with younger kids and dance around! 


We hope you and your family have an amazing Thanksgiving! Do you all have any great ideas for having a healthier holiday? Comment below & share your ideas! 


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Focus T25 Review & Tips - Cardio 1.0

Hello again friends! 

We want to share with you a quick review of Focus T25 and specifically Cardio 1.0. Please watch this video and hear our review & tips on specific moves in the workout. This 25 minute DVD will push you like never before and offers so much variety throughout the week. Comment below with any of your tips, questions, or comments on T25! If you have yet to start this program - let me encourage you - it is unlike ANY other. Primarily, because you are done in 25 minutes, but you are pushed harder than ever. It is amazing! If you want to grab this product, before the holidays come, click HERE. 



If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


T25 Review - Speed 1.0 & Speed 2.0

Focus T25 Review

Speed 1.0 & Speed 2.0 

Focus T25 is an awesome workout program that takes only 25 minutes a day in your own living room! It is a fast paced workout that will stretch you in every possible way. Here is a quick review we did on Speed 1.0 & Speed 2.0. This is a great program to buy as we get closer to the holidays - you can get it done fast but its effective. If you follow this program along with a healthy diet, you are SET! Instead of looking ahead at the holidays with fear of gaining unwanted weight, prevent it with T25. An amazing investment to buy HERE(Click SHOP - and you are ready to go!) 


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Give & Receive


This November, (Wow! Can't believe it's already November?!) Beachbody is doing an amazing awesome thing! If you purchase a challenge pack, ANY challenge pack, you will give $20 to Feeding America AND receive $20 off your next purchase. So what this means is you can buy Shaun T's new program, T25, and stay in shape as you prepare for the holidays, and then this winter you can order P90X3 and get $20 off! In addition, you gave $20 to Feeding America! How awesome! 

So if you have been thinking about order a program, in the back of your mind, NOW is the time! Not only will it help you, BUT it will help many children this upcoming holiday season! Give & Receive! 

Did you know that 1 out of every 6 Americans face hunger?  

And 15.9 million children lived in food insecure households in 2012.  

For more hunger facts click here.  



Challenge Packs help you get and stay in the best shape of your life by combining fitness + nutrition + support.

Challenge Packs include: A choice of 23 world-class fitness programs.

A 30-day supply of Shakeology® delivered on Home Direct.

A FREE 30-day VIP Trial Membership to the Team Beachbody® Club where you can access tips, fitness and nutrition tracker tools, and more.

A Nutrition Plan, calendar and other tools to help you achieve your best results.Once you've completed your program, submit your before and after photos to BeachbodyChallenge.com to get your exclusive free t-shirt.

Plus, when you order through me, you’ll get a bonus workout for whichever program you choose for FREE!


There’s never been a better time to purchase a Challenge Pack and get in the best shape of your life – and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Contact me with any questions.

Or get straight to shoppin' 



If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Vanilla Shakeology IS HERE!


We had the opportunity to try the new and all natural Vanilla Shakeology at Summit in Las Vegas...and it is AWESOME.

Vanilla Shakeology is so rich and creamy - and you can toss in so many healthy treats to spice it up. Try it with a bit of brewed coffee or fresh fruit...it is an awesome and easy way to start out your day.

AND, more importantly, it is GOOD FOR YOUR BODY. It is all natural and packed with more than 70 super-healthy ingredients from around the world, Shakeology is the healthiest shake on the planet and perfect for those hot summer days by the pool!

Also, from now until July 7th, there is NO SHIPPING fee for all Vanilla Shakeology orders (both one time orders as well as Home Direct orders).

Find more recipes on our Pinterest Page! 



If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com

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T25 Workout Review!


I cannot say enough about FOCUS T25. I had the opportunity to be in the test group for this product. They wanted 20 people to use it and see what results they got before the product was released to the public. Well let me tell you I GOT GREAT RESULTS!! I am a 41 year old mom and I have had the hardest time losing weight every since 35 came and went. That was until I found T25!!


This program has changed how I look at fitness and nutrition. I worked out for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  With T25, every second counts because it's only 25 minutes. So you go hard for those 25 minutes and you are done!!! No weights or equipment is needed for this workout. It shipped with an exercise band and that was all I needed.  I went to Mexico and Las Vegas during the 50 days I was doing this program and still lost weight!!!! I took my program with me and did it in the hotel rooms and on the balcony of my condo.  I had no excuse for not doing it.  I waste more time on Facebook than I did working out each day.  NO EXCUSE!! T25 came with a nutrition guide that was simple to follow. Each recipe only had 5 ingredients in it. So it wasn't like I was at the grocery story trying to find weird unheard of items.  I also drank Shakeology...a vital key factor in getting my results. I drank it for breakfast each morning and also drank it for some dinners.  It was refueling my body with the energy I needed and it was a low calorie meal. It helped that it tasted great.

The T25 trainer is Shaun T, the same trainer that does Insanity and Asylum. He is great in this workout. The queuing is fantastic in it.  Very easy to follow.

shutterstock_118942114 copy

The idea behind FOCUS T25 is to give you a workout program that is only 5 days per week, only 25 minutes per workout, but that pushes you to the MAX during those 25 minutes so that you get an incredible calorie burn and amazing results with limited time.

Focus T25 is broken down into an “Alpha” phase and a “Beta” phase.  There are 12 total workouts =

Alpha Phase workouts:


Speed 1.0

Total Body Circuit

Ab Intervals

Lower Focus

Beta Phase workouts:

Core Cardio

Speed 2.0

Rip’t Circuit

Dynamic Core

Upper Focus

There is also a Stretch workout and the bonus workout Core Speed (if you order through a teambeachbody coach like me).

In the Alpha phase, you’ll build your foundation using just your body weight.  Plus, there is beginner and advanced levels so everyone can get it done.

After you spend 5 weeks building your foundation, it will be time to step it up with the Beta phase and focus on your core.  These workouts feature new dynamic moves to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle with an emphasis on your core so your abs get shredded too.  With Focus T25, you don’t waste a single second!  “Don’t stop when you’re tired.  Stop when you’re done!” – Shaun T.

Focus T25 comes with a workout calendar, nutrition guide, and resistance band.

I want everyone, especially moms to get these results. So I am starting a Focus T25 challenge group to help coach each mom through this program. I have one starting on July 1st an one on July 15th. If you want to be a part of this group, message me or comment below and I will add you. You must be willing to commit to yourself, the program and the challenge. You must purchase the T25 Challenge Pack that will include Shakeology (you pick your favorite flavor) and you must be my customer.  I have a discounted link that will save you over $60! I love a discount and I hate to pay for shipping so this will provide you with both.

If you have more questions, just message or comment and I will respond.

My husband is also doing a Focus T25 Challenge group, so men...you can get awesome results too!! Click on the BUY Button to connect you to the discount package.  

Let's get fit together!!

shutterstock_118942114 copy

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If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Summer is Among Us


Will you be at the pool or beach this summer? I will for sure! We are a few months out from summertime fun- that's plenty of time to get yourself ready for the swimsuit of your choice! I will be hosting Challenge Groups over the next few months that I would love for you to be a part of. A Challenge Group consists of working through a Beachbody program of your choice, drinking Shakeology once a day, and keeping accountable through a private Facebook page. Please considering joining in! You can find out more about the Challenge Groups and see when they are announced by connecting with me on Facebook. All you have to follow the link to the right to my Facebook page...click LIKE and get ready to be challenged!!


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com