Robert and Melissa’s fitness journey is not that different from most people except for the fact that they have been doing it together. The whole thing started when Robert found P90X on the internet back in 2005. When Robert first told Melissa that he had bought it, she was not too happy. Feeling that he has just wasted their money, she challenged him to get the same results that others had. Well, that was just the challenge that Robert needed. In those first 90 days with P90X and following the nutrition guide, Robert experienced incredible results, including 18 pounds lost, 17% body fat lost and seven inches around his waist lost. But it wasn’t so much about all that was lost, it was more about all that he gained.

He gained his self-esteem, his self-image and his “swagger” back! Well, once Melissa saw what the program did for Robert, she was a believer and as you can see from her 90 day results, the program worked just as good for her as it did for Robert. And since that first 90 days with P90X, Robert and Melissa have been working out together,  mixing in some other programs like P90X+, One-on-One, Insanity, Turbo Fire, ChaLEAN Extreme and more. Plus, with their daily Shakeology, they continue to maintain their healthy lifestyle and enjoy the opportunity to help others do the same as Independent Coaches for Team Beachbody.


Life has definitely been great for Robert and Melissa and they are excited to be able to help you get these types of results as well. Their coaching is free, just contact them.



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Dallas, Texas